Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Friday Haiku

Thought I'd give haiku a try...

Mommy, she calls me
I love you, Monkey Girl says
She wants to get up.

MG loves purple
It's her favorite color
She loves wearing it.

He loves computers
I call him Computer Boy
Never gets enough

Loves them so much that
He tells me that it's his work
Just like his Daddy.

The Mayor has grown
In five years, she'll be a teen
My baby no more.

Her first sleepover
Was great fun and successful
sniff* where's the Kleenex?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Laundry is a four-letter word

"I have work to do, but I don't want to do it." Have you ever found yourself thinking and saying the same thing? It's sad, I just can't get motivated. Right now, I'm not even sure if the house was on fire I'd get out. Okay, that's a little extreme, but that's the way I'm feeling.

What's wrong with me? Maybe I'm rebelling. That's it. I'm rebelling against housework. Well, not so much the cleaning, it's the laundry. It never ends. It multiplies. Honestly, the laundry must pro-create all on its own. How it does it, I'll never know. Frankly, I'd love to stop doing it all together. However, the problem is, if I don't do it, no one will. Oh well, better get something started or the children will be going to school wearing dirty clothes and looking like hobos. And, I can't have that now or can I?...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is crack.

Ah, that first sip was delicious. It may be hard to believe, but the first time was less than a week ago. I can still taste it. Trying to savor the aroma, the flavor, the pure enjoyment of the entire cup, I nursed my beverage. After one cup, I'm addicted.

There's a reason why people call it Starcrack, right? While food shopping last week I ran into a friend. She was going to purchase a tall, non-fat latte at Starbucks, which is conveniently available at a kiosk in the supermarket, so I decided to try my very first one. I'm not a big coffee fan, but occasionally have a cup. Wow! From the first sip, I was hooked. What do they put in their coffee? I consider myself a non-coffee drinker, yet after having that cup, I craved another one ALL friggin day long! Like a drug addict, I kept thinking of reasons to leave the house and "happen" to drive by a Starbucks. The desire pulsed through my entire body making the temptation difficult to resist. Nearly a week later, I still find myself desiring another one. I suppose I could consider it my "little" treat once a week, while doing a necessary chore. Or should I save the $3.25 a week and at the end of the year still have $169 in my pocket?

Even for a "saver" like me, the choice is not an easy one...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is anybody there?

Hiya! I know it's the same ol' excuse, but....(get ready for it... are ya ready... ok, ok no more waiting) I've been soooooooooo busy! Seriously, between working (this is a hectic time for many church singers and I'm no exception), taking care of the usual household chores, husband and children and PTA stuff, it seems I barely have time to breathe.

Fortunately, it's slowing down--a little. I still have rehearsals and First Holy Communions to sing. But, I think we've made it through the worst of it. My oldest (the Mayor) made her First Communion and if I can figure out how to post some pictures - I will. I think I'll enlist Mr. Hard-Worker's help for that. Meanwhile, we had a small party at our house to celebrate the day. Mr. H-W manned the barbecue and (if I do say so myself) everything was delicious. My sisters, Red and CPA said nothing further about the guest list. My other sister, Army Wife, came down for the event. All in all, I'd say a good time was had by everyone.