Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day at the Spa

For those of you who don't know, I sing at church. I am very fortunate to get paid doing something I love to do. However, sometimes it becomes a drag. There are a few weekends that I give up a lot of family time and it can be difficult as well as frustrating. Those are the weekends I feel pulled in several directions. It's not easy being a full-time mother and part-time employee. I give a great deal of credit to all those working mothers who manage to "do it all" for their children.

On Sunday, all that changed. Well, it did for the afternoon. I went to a retreat for musicians. When you sing 3 (or more) masses on a single weekend, church becomes almost like a factory. My mindset goes to "what's next". I'm always preparing for the next song or prayer. Since I am close to the inner workings of the church, sometimes I think I am too close. Without saying too much, let's just say, not all priests are nice people. They are human and also can make mistakes. But, as I said, on Sunday afternoon, my life changed for a little while anyway.

The speaker was entertaining and motivating. But, what I enjoyed the most, it seems was the quiet time offered to us. For those 30 minutes, I wasn't a wife, or a mother, I was a regular person just looking (and receiving) for peace. It was nice to interact with other people from my church as well as other musicians from our area. I think my afternoon was like a trip to the spa, without the expense. I returned home refreshed, renewed and able to take on the week ahead.

Friday, January 23, 2009

An Evening In

Tonight, Mr. Hard-Worker came home at a reasonable hour. He brought pizza for dinner. Yay! I didn't have to cook. We had dinner and a movie. The five of us enjoyed the sheer pleasure of spending time together. It's especially delightful when you consider how many hours of long work Mr. H-W has put in this week.

For most of the evening, my husband and I sat together. After the week he had, he deserved the relaxation. I enjoyed just sitting next to him and having him home. We both relished the quality time with our children.

Throughout the movie I hear "Mommy, I love you." This statement is followed by a kiss from Monkey Girl. Of course, she melts my heart. She doesn't really watch the movie, rather decides to play with a puzzle often pushing pieces off the board. She's two years old and growing up very quickly. As far as I'm concerned, she's growing up too quickly. A friend of mine, Suzanne of will often refer to using the pause button on her children. However, I would love to invent a remote control to slow down this *growing up* process --just a little bit.

My boy child (previously referred to as Sweats, now renamed Computer Boy) watched some of the movie sitting next to his older sister. He also spent some of the movie in front of the computer. He loves his *dot coms* as he calls them. Computer Boy (CB) is growing up fast also. It was just yesterday that he was still in pre-school and learning his letters. Now, he informs you that the letters *CK* together make the *K* sound. It's cool. He's never been one to speak and share much, but now he's really becoming a little person. I'd like to use the remote on him too.

The Mayor, also known as my oldest daughter, watched the entire movie. She laughed in the appropriate spots and enjoyed the fact she got to eat in front of the television. I think she's inherited my husband's love for movies. If we'd let her, she would watch a movie everyday.

Here's an update regarding her dance for the school talent show. Earlier this afternoon, I worked with two other mothers and choreographed the entire dance. If I do say so myself, these second graders are going to look adorable and possibly steal the show. I can't wait to teach it to them and see what they do with it.

***Yes, I promise to learn how to use linky love without all the http//, etc. stuff that goes with it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still at work

He's still not home... Mr. Hard-Worker is in the office. I believe he's saving the world from bad computer programs. I know that sounds a little strange...but when you put in the hours he does, it must be true.

Mr. Hard-Worker is obviously my husband. Before you start thinking, oh he's having an affair. You should know that he works for an Asian owned company and it has offices in Europe and Taiwan. So, when they are open, the office in America has to be available to help deal with clients. Unfortunately, he is one of the people that is called upon to assist with certain questions and problems. On more than one occasion, he's been awakened at 4 AM to help with a customer issue.

My husband has a strong work ethic. He feels a sense of responsibility towards his children and I would be lying if I didn't include myself in that statement. He and I both know people that are unemployed, so while, he works very hard, we are also thankful that he has a job, especially in this economy. My part-time singing doesn't exactly pay the mortgage.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mayor

My oldest daughter, the Mayor, had a play date with Lola recently. Lola is a sweet girl. She is the second oldest of four children. I like her a lot. I just wish the girls lived closer.

It's not that Lola lives far away. She resides in our town, but (you knew that was coming), she's a *walker*. That's right. She walks to and from school. Or, at least, she lives close enough to school not to qualify for a bus. It's a bit harder to have play dates after school when you take the bus. For example, my children get home later than the other kids. And, aside from missing out on the camaraderie that the *walker* mothers have, I miss out on the gossip. Frequently, I feel left out of the loop. That's part of the reason why some days the telephone is attached to my ear. I'm attempting to keep my daughter involved with the other girls.

My little Mayor is going to perform in the school's talent show. She and 8 other girls will be dancing to "We Go Together" from the musical "Grease". The dance has yet to be choreographed, however, I know these girls and they are all *pleasers* They want to make others happy. Once the parents coordinate our schedules rehearsals will begin. Preparing for the talent show will keep us busy for a few weeks, however, I'm glad that I keep my daughter involved. I want her to have friends and a happy childhood. She is a bright girl, but more importantly a good kid who deserves to enjoy everything good that life has to offer.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time Suckers

At the moment, I'm sitting at the computer waiting for this entry to write itself. Now, I know that probably won't happen.

However, I do have a question. Where does the day go? Why don't I have enough hours in my day to get everything done? There are days when I seem to be extremely productive and get a multitude of chores completed. Those days are few and far between.

I would love to say I have three little people who demand most of my time and while that is true, it's not the complete truth. I can't say that my children are *time suckers* because 2 of them are school age and aren't home between the hours of 8:40 AM and 3:40 PM during the day.

Actually, the real cause of the disappearing time is the distractions. You may be asking what distractions? Well, there's the television, the phone and, of course, the computer. While Monkey Girl does watch a little television, it helps keep her out from underfoot while I get those dishes washed or the laundry folded. But, there are those times, when she's not watching and it's *on* making background noise. I've noticed if something catches my attention, that's usually it--at least, until the program ends. I am going to make an effort to use our radio more often.

The telephone is probably the worst offender. It's easy to *write this one off* because I do multi-task while talking to friends on the phone. But, I have a feeling things would get done more quickly if I didn't use it while cleaning the house. If you think I'm giving up my adult conversation, you are mistaken.

Ahh, then there's the computer. My desktop is located in our family room (which happens to be in our basement). Now, when I go down to use the computer, absolutely nothing gets done. It's best, for me, not to use the computer until Monkey Girl goes in for her nap. This is no easy task when it beckons you. Perhaps it is a good thing the machine is inconveniently placed.

What takes time out of your day? Care to share anyone?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Honest Scrap

Within the first week of blogging I've already received an award. I sense great things to follow. No, not really. Suzanne ( has bestowed upon me the Honest Scrap award. Truth be known folks, I've known her for a very long time. She and I went to high school together. So, the fact that I've received an award is I'm sure she just wants to torture me (oops, I mean honor my efforts thus far).

The rules for the Honest Scrap award: The honorees are to: A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.
  1. My husband does not know about this blog...yet. I will tell him, I just haven't gotten around to it. Why haven't I told him, hey, I don't know. It just hasn't come up. My family doesn't know about it yet either. I may not ever tell them. This way, I can vent about how my sisters annoy me...

  2. I love the Game Show Network. I love word puzzle games. I play along with shows like Password and Lingo.

  3. I can eat a whole box of Milkduds in one sitting. I know bad for you all around, especially my teeth.

  4. I love children's literature. I also love reading to children. Sometimes, I think I missed my calling. I should have become a Children's Librarian.

  5. My first real kiss made my toes tingle. I wonder if Chris knew. He also was my first love. I think we were both in high school, although he lived in another town.

  6. Sometimes I feel incredibly sad. I have no idea the cause of my melancholy. Perhaps I feel overwhelmed, although I have yet to find a mother who doesn't feel *crazed* at times. Is it the path not taken? I don't know. I love my husband and children and wouldn't change a thing. Fortunately the sadness doesn't last too long, some times for a few minutes and at times a little longer.

  7. I sometimes wonder if I'd go to church if I didn't work there. For those of you who don't know, I sing at church (mostly Catholic Masses, weddings and funerals) and get paid for it. But, the hoopla surrounding the various rituals, I find to be a bit too much at times. Then, on Christmas Eve, the Priest scolded the people for not coming more often. Things like that turn me off.

  8. Due to the fact that Monkey Girl is a total sweetheart, every once in awhile, I find myself wanting another baby. She's so easy going and a great toddler. Sometimes, it would be nice to just have another baby like her. Of course, there are no guarantees. Plus, I'm too old now. In addition, a fourth child would really put my husband and I over the edge.
  9. I've been on television. A local composer wrote a piece of music based on psalm 23 (The Lord is my shepherd) and he contacted my voice teacher and the local "church" tv station. When all was said and done he was interviewed and we sang his song and the show was broadcast several times.
  10. I don't like to be cold. If I could I would move to a warmer climate in a heartbeat. Living in the northeastern United States in winter just isn't agreeable. I'm not even sure Florida is a warm enough climate, but it's better than here.

I would like to pass the award to the following people. I hope that you accept it, but since it's an award, I make it optional.

  1. I enjoy Lou's writing immensely. He is a kind man with a heart of gold.
  2. Sandy is a great writer. She's also a lovely person. I wish she could be my next door neighbor, I believe we have a lot in common.
  3. Siobhan is lovely and sweet. She also has a fabulous accent, I would kill to have.
  4. Holly has a such a great wit and a wonderful and funny perspective on life. Plus, she's started Mimosa Mondays.
  5. Natalie is a mom of 5. She considers herself a manager of mayhem. With three I can't imagine having more children. She amazes me. Need I say more?
  6. Tara is a very creative writer. Even though I just met her through the blogosphere, I think she should have won that "Best Up and Coming Blog" award.
  7. Mary is hysterical. I love her outlook. She's already been tagged by Songbird, so I'll let her off the hook.

I'd love to see your answers. Hopefully you will all participate. I'd love to learn even more about you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

History repeats itself

Ahh, the children are sleeping. Peace. at. last. I made a huge mistake tonight. Instead of having the two older children do their homework within 30 minutes of being home from school, I let them watch tv. BIG MISTAKE. Note to self - Never, EVER do that again. Once the kids have relaxed for awhile, they are no longer motivated to do anything. So, it was like pulling teeth to get them started. Fortunately, they are not studying rocket science. It's kindergarten and second grade work. For these two, it's easy enough to accomplish. You know the strange thing is, I've done this before, let them *hang out* without doing homework and I swore I'd never do it again. Yet I did. Maybe this time, I'll wise up.

The lovely Suzanne from has given me an Honest Scrap award. Once I figure out how to get the award over here to this blog (the techie I am not) and I figure out 10 things about myself to share with the blog world - I will write them. I think I have 5 things now, I just need to come up with 5 more. Hopefully, I'll be able to write them and post it in another day or so.

Monday, January 12, 2009

10 years

This August, my husband and I will be married 10 years. I was hoping to *get away* for a long weekend - just the two of us. However, there is a potential issue that may prevent that from happening.

Babysitting. Need I say more? I'm sure you're thinking there must be someone you can ask. And, yes, I can. Honestly, I was hoping one of my sisters would help. It would be easier if hubby and I didn't have to split the three kids up and the person would come to stay at my house. That's probably NOT going to happen. My youngest sister (the CPA) is not married (and no children) and is the perfect candidate for the *job*. However, caring for all three children, she finds to be a daunting task. Then, there's my sister (the military wife) who's husband expected to be on leave around the time we'd want to go away. The problem: they want to be here to celebrate my Mom's birthday but then, they also want to take a short vacation. So, where they're concerned, precise planning would be required (and, of course, the military could always change those plans). Then, there's my oldest sister, (she has red hair, so I'll refer to her as Red). She's more than willing to take the girls, but is apprehensive about my son. My son can be a handful (a boy with a multitude of issues) but he can also be an absolute delight and pleasure to be around.

Please know that I am not complaining. I love my children. I would never change a thing about having them. I am fortunate to have sisters to ask to help out. My guess is that my hubby and I will shorten our weekend and hopefully something can be worked out with my family. After all, we have eight months to work it out.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One morning

On this particular morning, people gathered solemnly and silently. This morning, parents, siblings, loved ones and friends were saying a final farewell to their son, brother, and friend of only 29 years. He had so much still to live for and so much to give...but he was taken away from them all too soon. He loved science and was an organic chemist. He rode his bicycle across part of Alaska and hiked the Appalachian Trail. He wanted to do and explore so much more. Yes, he was taken away from his family and friends too soon.

This is a true story, although, I don't know the family personally. It must be exceptionally difficult to survive a child. Something, I truly don't even was to think about. My heart goes out to them. I only hope that time helps them move on and heal their broken hearts.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Rush

The computer beckons to me. It whispers my name. Calling and calling me to come. When I finally give in to the temptation and turn it on, I hold my breath until it's finished booting up. Like a drug addict, I need to access the Internet. When all is ready, it happens, the emotions, the adrenaline, the anticipation...then I finally see them...the comments!! You guys may or may not have experienced it, but I get such a rush out of seeing people actually reading and responding to what I've written.

Non-bloggers just don't understand. Although, if they've joined Facebook, they do...well, to a degree anyway. For the better part of a year, I've been reading other people's blogs. It started with a friend's. I'll skip all the gory details of how long I've known her...because I think she's already outed them anyway. From her blog, I found another one and so on and so on. I've learned so much from you, my mentors. From reading your posts and comments, I've cried and laughed with you. I've been freaked out by situations and empathised with what you've been dealing with in your lives. And so now, this baby blogger is going to try to live up to what I've learned and hopefully will continue to grow as a person and possible writer. Thank you one and all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PTA and all that goes with it

Almost a year ago, the current PTA president called me at home. Since I had volunteered to help with many of the school functions, she asked if I'd be interested in co-chairing a committee. I was flabbergasted and speechless. I don't ever remember saying yes, but somewhere in the conversation I must have, because now I'm on the Ways and Means and Cultural Arts committees.

First, it's January and I haven't done anything on or for Cultural Arts. I thought I'd get to suggest programming to the teachers to enhance our children's learning experience at school. Well, so far...nada, nothing, zilch. It saddens me because it's like no one wants to rock the boat. Supposedly, the principal is against most *assemblies*. He's an former Marine and I give him a lot of credit for serving his country, but if what I've heard is true, then who's losing out--our children.

On the complete opposite side of the fence is Ways and Means. Since September, we've had 4 fund raisers (and, yes, there's talk of more). All of them have required a great deal of time and attention. Of the four fund raisers, I've helped with 3 of them (had most of the responsibility for only 1, though). Let me tell you, this is exhausting. Ways and Means never ends. I understand we help bring in money to pay for things for the kids, but what is the money spent on? Good question. I've seen the budget and it's legit. But, since the students have virtually no extra curricular in school events, where is the money going? When I figure it out I'll let you know.

I've also decided that the PTA is VERY political. I'm not a politics kind of gal. I speak to everyone and don't care who's in a clique with whom. I joined and became involved for my children.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This and that

A new bloggy friend of mine is up for the 2008 weblog awards, she's Tara from Please go and vote for her or another one of your faves, but please, vote for her.

I've decided I will never dig out from under the pile of laundry that continues to multiply. It's a good thing that I'm not letting it get to me. Seriously, I don't know about you, but I can't take one day off from it.

Earlier today, I was thinking about something my son said to me recently. For now, I'll refer to him as Sweats. He loves to wear cozy and comfortable clothes and so his nickname. Sweats just turned 5 in September and started kindergarten too. But, I digress. One day, my son, was being especially helpful as well as very sweet and so in addition to thanking him I gave him a kiss. It was a simple, harmless peck on the cheek. You think I would have started a war by his reaction. "Mom, don't do that!! You'll embarrass me in front of my friends!" Imagine my surprise. First of all, we were in the house and his only friends around were his sisters. And, secondly, when did he grow up? This is the boy who always loves to sit on my lap when I read to him. He also still enjoys snuggling with me. I wonder if school and sitting in a classroom full-time introduced him to peer pressure for the first time? Kids can be kids and sometimes they can be cruel. I just hope it doesn't change my little boy too much.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Number 2

My second post! I can hardly believe I've made it this far. No, not really. I'll wait until my 100th post to say that. Btw, I have to learn how to respond back to comments. However, I want to thank everyone who's visited so far.

You would think that being a mom of three, I would be used to all the trials and tribulations of a 2 year old. The answer to that is a clear No. I've come to the conclusion that every child develops at his/her own pace. For example my oldest daughter (the Mayor) was spoke at 10 months and at 13 months she was talking in complete sentences. Once she was ready to train, I kid you not, she potty trained herself. My guess, is that at the tender age of 3 she became the classic over-achiever. My son, (Sweats) did not speak as quickly and also has other motor issues and sometimes I think I'm still training him. I know that as life goes on, I will share stories about him. Then, there's Monkey girl (my 2 year old daughter). She's the quiet one. Her vocabulary is improving, says new words everyday. Well, Monkey girl was taking her bath last night. She was playing and having a good time. That is, until she decided to "she had to go". Fortunately for me, she was clean already, yet I like to give her a good rinse to get any remaining soap off of her. After I discovered the *gift* and the tub was sufficiently cleaned and toys removed (to be washed later). She would not get back in, not even for a minute to rinse her off. So, dear people, does this mean she will give me a hard time about returning to the tub and taking a bath? Perhaps I'm putting the cart before the horse and making more of this than necessary. Let's hope so.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jibber Jabber

First things first. Welcome. I can't believe I'm actually starting a blog. However, a few people have suggested that I write m own and so, I'm giving it a try.

I am a wife and mother. My husband and I have three children. As you may presume as a mother of three, my days are always hectic. It seems I keep going from when I get out of bed in the morning until the kids go to bed. Of course, some days are easier than others which is to be expected too. In this blog, I'll write about some of those days and other things that happen in my life. I look forward to sharing the good, bad and ugly with you.