Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And Now I've Done It

As you can imagine (some of you know) being a mother of three children keeps you quite busy. If I'm not running to dance, swimming, Religion class, Brownies with the kids, I'm home doing laundry, cooking dinner, supervising homework...well, you get the picture.

There I was on the telephone this afternoon with Lola's mom (she's the very talented seamstress who made the costumes for the school's talent show, Mary), cancelling today's playdate. The only reason I was re-scheduling it was the fact I thought Mary was overwhelmed. I had no idea how right I was. The poor woman had just picked up her youngest from nursery school when she was in a car accident. I was listening to her story and thinking this could happen to anyone. The worst part was the fact her cell phone wasn't working properly. I felt for her. I easily get frustrated when I can't reach Mr. Hard-Worker about something important. Fortunately, for Mary, she finally was able to get in touch with her husband and he left work to help handle the situation.

However, that's not the end of the story. Before Mary and I hung up, I planned and invited her daughter to a "dessert party" on Friday, April 17th. I not only invited Lola, I called 2 other mothers and told them of the party. The idea was in my head and then out of my mouth in probably less than a minute. I know The Mayor will love the idea of having her friends over and hosting a "get together". I've already decided the guest list will be limited to the girls from the talent show dance. It's only 8 more children in addition to my three. I figure I'll serve ice cream and have fixings for sundaes, cookies, and if another parent wants to contribute brownies or something else - they are more than welcome to do so. Of course, I'll have hot cocoa and juice too. The girls can watch tv or a movie, dance and I'd like to be able to offer a craft for them to do and take home. Now all I have to do is write up some informal invitation to mail out.


Natalie said...

I have never heard of a dessert party. What time would they come?
Sounds fun. :D xx

Joyce-Anne said...

Natalie- I'll ask them to arrive around 7:30. The girls can play until 9:30. Last year we had a movie party, it was a lot of fun.

Tara R. said...

That is a very cool idea. I love the thought of an ice cream buffet. Enjoy your party.

Suzanne said...

That sounds like a great idea.

Perhaps prepare some dipping items and do a chocolate fondue? (I'm looking out for you, Ms. Chocoholic, lol!)

Suzanne said...

I just realized you're doing that on Gameboy's birthday!

ligirl said...

Sounds fun! Man, I MISS being a kid! Hope they all have a grand time!

Momisodes said...

You are such a sweetheart. This sounds like fun! I bet the girls will have a wonderful time :)

Joyce-Anne said...

Tara- I thought it might be fun. I hope they have fun.

Sue- A fondue for 7 and 8 years, probably not. But, sounds like fun for adults. :)

Donna- You can come if you like.

Sandy- I hope all goes according to plan. I have yet to make the invitations.