Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Dad

Thank you for you comments and support regarding my last post. I believe it's difficult being a SAHM, but believe it or not, even harder for a SAHM who works part time. Because my hours are not regular and truly are part time, I don't have a regular paid babysitter. Seriously, who would want a job that doesn't have set hours? There are some people (mostly other mothers) who are fortunate enough to have their parents' help. In my eyes, they are the lucky ones. I hope those people don't take their parents for granted. My prayer for them is to realize that not everyone has what they have. If I sound bitter, I guess I am. Before my father died, he adored his grandchildren. He never met Monkey Girl, she was born later that year when he passed away.

My father, Richard was such a generous, kind and loving man and father. He would do anything for his children. I didn't realize it when I was young, but I did when his first grandchild (the Mayor) was born. After her birth, my father evolved into an even more loving and generous man. He was so in love with her. He wanted me to be able to work (sing) and dropped everything so he could help me. Because he was always "my first call" for babysitting, the two were very close and had a strong bond. When Computer Boy was born my dad was thrilled at having two grandchildren. He loved his grandson as much as he loved his first grandchild. Unfortunately, as my son got a little older, my dad started to succumb to living with type II diabetes for 30 years. It got harder for him to control his blood sugar and started insulin regularly. He was able to manage his diabetes first through diet, then medication and diet and finally with insulin. My dad worked very hard to stay healthy--he even went to the gym every other day for many years. However, in the end, diabetes got the better of him. I do think my children extended his desire to live and so his last couple of years were not of the same quality as the rest of his life. So, am I thankful to have had his help? Definitely! But, even more so, I am extremely thankful that he was a part of my life and my children's lives.


Momisodes said...

What a wonderful man. I'm sure you and your children will treasure those times.

I have to agree with you. I think parents who have family around to help out are incredibly lucky. We also don't have anyone here to help. It makes a huge difference knowing that if/when you're in a bind, you can call someone you can trust.

Tara R. said...

All of our parents live 10 hours or more away, but I know if we needed them, for anything, they would be here as soon as they could. Knowing that I have that kind of support should I need it, is very comforting.

Your dad sounds like a truly special person. My condolences on your loss.

songbird's crazy world said...

I am sure you miss him a lot!

Natalie said...

He sounds like a lovely dad and grandfather. What a shame little Monkey girl didn't know such a wonderful soul. I am sure he is watching over her, and you all, from upstairs.xx♥

Suzanne said...

iss your Dad, too. He always had a kind word and a big smile whenever I had the chance to see him.

He was a true mensch!

Joyce-Anne said...

Sandy- Thank you. I do treasure the times spent with him. He always lit up when he saw his grandchildren.

Tara- Dad's support was unique, he would become offended if I ever asked anyone to babysit before him. You can be sure I was grateful and always thanked him.

SB- I do miss him.

Natalie- I think Monkey girl would have melted his heart. She has a way about her that is indescribable.

Sue- He always liked our friends, well, the girl friends anyway... I think the boyfriends we brought home gave him a few more grey hairs.

Grandy said...

I know that ache. It's a cycle... and it sucks. Hugs to you honey. Your dad sounded great, and I'm sure he is quite proud of you!!

LceeL said...

Just letting you know I stopped by, and visited. *HUG*

Joyce-Anne said...

Mary- We weren't close until I had children, that was when I felt the bond. Yes, at times, I do miss him. He had a generosity that still is unmatched.

Lou- HUG right back at ya! Thanks.