Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Man Down

Actually, the title should read two men down.

Last night I was awakened by the sounds of some serious coughing. My *Mommy Radar* went off and I knew something was not right. At 2 AM, Monkey girl had been physically ill in her crib. So, I had to clean her up as well as change her bedding. Unfortunately, she dirtied some of her favorite "friends". Right now, they're in the wash. If the stuffed toys don't survive the wash, well, they were going to be disposed of anyway... But, I digress. She didn't want to go back to bed right away. So, we cuddled for awhile. About an hour and a half later, I heard Computer Boy. It's amazing how fast you move when you know a little one is going to be sick and you're really not up to changing more sheets. Somehow, even though I was carrying the baby, I managed to make it to him in time. And, (bonus!) he made it to the bathroom in time. Both of them were up with me for another hour or so. Finally around 5 AM, we all went back to our own beds.

For now, everyone seems fine. However, while both children have had drinks, neither child has eaten anything yet today. I suppose that they will eat when they get hungry. I'm not the kind of person who forces food on a child--I believe in eating to live not living to eat.

***Update***Monkey girl's friends seemed to have survived the washing machine. Both kids ate a little bit of dinner, not much, but it's a start.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Tara R. said...

Sorry to hear about the sick wee ones. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Joyce-Anne said...

Thanks Tara. Me too.

Natalie said...

Hi Joyce-Anne, Sorry your kiddies are unwell, that really sucks.
Hope you and Your hubby catch some nice moments together for Valentines Day.xx

Suzanne said...

Ugh! How are hey doing today?

songbird's crazy world said...

ugh...hope everyone's feeling better soon.