Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it Summer yet?

The Mayor and Computer Boy have had this week off from school. This time last year we were in Disney World and enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately, we hadn't planned to go this February. That aside, the younger ones have been battling a stomach virus. The same one the Mayor had last week, although hers was shorter lived. Monkey Girl has passed the corner and is on the other side of this thing. However, Computer Boy...well, let's just say you don't want to know.

Thinking about Disney World, it's time to plan some sort of summer vacation. I'm torn between driving down to Florida again or doing something closer to home. I love the idea of seeing friends but really (I almost can't believe I'm saying this) don't have the inclination to *do Disney* again. In the interest of full disclosure, we bought Annual Passes back in 2007 and wanted to use them to their fullest, so we visited the parks three times. So, one could say *I'm done* with Disney. But, the kids love it, my husband enjoys it too...the question remains, do I put my own desires aside and go anyway? Then, of course, there's the money...park tickets are expensive. Not to mention the fact that meals are expensive there too. I know Disney has a dining plan, but that just doesn't work for us--the kids and I really don't eat enough to *make it work* for us.

Like many parents, Mr. Hard-Worker and I look forward to family time. However, whatever we decide to do it will be a time of togetherness and re-connecting.

Now, I have one question for Mother Nature. Are you done yet? Because, while our vacation plans aren't set, I'm ready for the warmer weather to start.


Suzanne said...

Well, you could visit one of the other properties that your 'ownership' entitles you! You just won't hear 'welcome home'.

For example, Powhatan Plantation is now in that network-you could do Virginia beach, Busch, Colonial Williamsburg, etc.

If you want a more relaxing time, find one in the mountains like Massanutten, near Harrisonburg VA.

there are a lot of sites you could choose, those are two that I've been to and could easily see relaxing at them.

(BTW, We're trying to coordinate time on Skyline with Giggles and family-especially if their plans for next year come to fruition)

Momisodes said...

Oh I am so there with you with Mother nature. She been crazy moody lately.

You're brave to consider Florida during the summer. I'm from there, and the heat and Disney during the summer months are too brutal for me.

Have you been to Six Flags in NJ? Sesame Street? We hope to make it to the beach (perhaps the Cape) this summer.

Natalie said...

Just come to Australia and be done with it! Weather here is fractious too, though.:(


P.s I gave you a friends award a couple of posts ago.xx

LceeL said...

I think Mother Nature must be going through menopause because she has been one cranky old lady this year. that said - Florida can be pleasant during the summer if you stay on the coast, where you can take advantage of the sea breezes.

Tara R. said...

We are enjoying some wonderful weather this weekend. I'm doing yard work and making garden plans. i am so excited.

Robin Costello (Delswife) said...

Summer will be here and gone before you know it.