Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Letter Game

I have been allocated the letter "S" from Natalie. If you want to play, you have to list ten things that matter to you, starting with a letter that will be allocated to you. Leave me a comment if you want to play.

Sleep. It seems I never get enough of it. I can't blame this one on the kids. They are in bed at a very reasonable hour. It's me. Often, I finish up housework after they go to bed and it's not unusual that once I complete the many tasks, I want and need to relax before going to bed.

Surgery. I've had four surgeries. One was for a lazy eye I had as a child. The other three were the results of my children's births. I am unable to deliver naturally (in fact, I had such a severe reaction to the pitocin when I was induced for the Mayor's birth that I almost had a heart attack on the table). It was at that point, the doctor ordered an epidural and the c-section was performed. During the surgery he saw my apparently very flat birth canal making it extremely difficult to ever deliver naturally.

Serious. I tend to be a serious person. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it's not good either. I wish I could see the fun and humor more in life. I'm trying and I have made some progress, but I think I still have a long way to go. Monkey girl helps bring out my *silly*.

Sing. I love it. Singing for me is more than a job. It's life. Whether I'm happy, sad, confused, whatever the mood may be, music transports me to another place.

School. Sometimes I think I missed my calling. I love reading. I adore books, mostly children's literature. I think I should have become a children's librarian, preferably working in an elementary school.

Summer. I love Summer. The sunshine, warmth, and the lazy days of the season are just some of the reasons why I love it. It also reminds me of my childhood when you could run over to a friend's house and asked them to come out and play. Now, playdates are arranged, sometimes weeks in advance.

Sweets. Unfortunately, they are my downfall. I love candy (mostly chocolate), cake, cookies-all of the stuff that is bad for you.

Stars. Not the celebrity kind, the ones you find in the sky. I enjoy looking up at the night sky and admiring the beauty of the stars shining brightly. One of my favorite dates was going to a planetarium. It was very cool. It was Mr. Hard-Worker's idea and I loved every minute of being there. When the kids are older I plan on bringing them. I know the Mayor will love it too.

Siblings. I have three sisters. Two of which, (CPA and Army wife) I am fairly close to. Red (the oldest sister) and I don't always see eye to eye. She tends to say whatever comes into her head, even though, it may be none of her business or her place to.

Sunsets. Sunsets on the beach are so beautiful and relaxing. One of my favorite things is to spend an evening with my husband and children on the beach watching the setting sun after a whole day together.

**Update** The Mayor is feeling better. She went back to school today. Thanks for all of your support.


Natalie said...

That is a great list Joyce-Anne. Liked lots of what you shared. Thanks. :D xx

LceeL said...

Lovely list, Joyce-Anne. I am so glad you did this. And I'm so glad the Mayor is better.

Momisodes said...

I love reading these lists about bloggers. I see we have a few things in common. Especially the sweets and seriousness :)

So glad to hear the Mayor is better!