Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon

Today was enjoyable. First, I only sang at 1 Mass. Wait.a.minute. Did she say one mass? Yes, I did. Normally, I sing at least 2 in one day and have an average of three Masses over a weekend. But, today, I did not. It was my choosing. Actually, as an aside, I was offered the opportunity to sub at another church this morning, but I turned the job down.

I had a very good reason turning down work today. It was a.very.good.reason. My oldest daughter, the Mayor, was going to see a production of High School Musical 2 at a community theatre with her Brownie troop and I was one of the chaperones. As a chaperone, I was responsible to pick up and drive 3 other girls. On the whole, the troop consists of a very nice group of young ladies. They are polite, kind and just plain nice to each other. I had three of the best in my van this afternoon. It was fun listening to them talking and giggling together. At one point, I announced it was *secret time*. And, so I asked, which girl (they knew) had a boyfriend. You know what? They told me. Yup! The girls told me who had a boyfriend and apparently the two kids kissed too (on the line at recess). Btw, it wasn't anyone in my group. I don't know her mother all that well, so now I wonder if I should say something to her anyway. Truthfully, I think I won't say anything simply due to the fact that she (the mom) will not be receptive to hearing this news. What I may do, though, is mention it to one of the troop leaders. I know she'll find the right thing to say to the girl's mother.

The girls had a *fabulous* time at the show. Afterwards, the stars were available for autographs. They had such a special time together, I hope their leaders plan another activity for a weekend afternoon.


Natalie said...

Sounds like you were the right person for the job, Joyce-Anne. Glad the Mayor had a hoot!xx

LceeL said...

Only one Mass? Well, at least your time was put to good use. Sounds like to girls had a very nice time.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm glad the girls shared the secrets with you. That's very sweet.

Momisodes said...

Sounds like this was quite an important and exciting event. I can see why you turned down the gig. :)