Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mayor

My oldest daughter, the Mayor, had a play date with Lola recently. Lola is a sweet girl. She is the second oldest of four children. I like her a lot. I just wish the girls lived closer.

It's not that Lola lives far away. She resides in our town, but (you knew that was coming), she's a *walker*. That's right. She walks to and from school. Or, at least, she lives close enough to school not to qualify for a bus. It's a bit harder to have play dates after school when you take the bus. For example, my children get home later than the other kids. And, aside from missing out on the camaraderie that the *walker* mothers have, I miss out on the gossip. Frequently, I feel left out of the loop. That's part of the reason why some days the telephone is attached to my ear. I'm attempting to keep my daughter involved with the other girls.

My little Mayor is going to perform in the school's talent show. She and 8 other girls will be dancing to "We Go Together" from the musical "Grease". The dance has yet to be choreographed, however, I know these girls and they are all *pleasers* They want to make others happy. Once the parents coordinate our schedules rehearsals will begin. Preparing for the talent show will keep us busy for a few weeks, however, I'm glad that I keep my daughter involved. I want her to have friends and a happy childhood. She is a bright girl, but more importantly a good kid who deserves to enjoy everything good that life has to offer.


Natalie said...

Hi J.J., It's awful when you are out of the loop.
Good on you for trying to keep your little girl involved.
My middle child (aged ten, Girl) is a social outcast and it excludes me from every mum in my suburb. :(

You are doing a great job. xx

ligirl said...

"We Go Together" is going to be soooo precious! As a childless person, I certainly don't know from experience, but I agree with Natalie. It sure sounds as though you are doing a great job!

ifmomsaysok said...

It's great that the Mayor has a mom who thinks about such things. Don't forget to get lots of pix from the show. I bet they are going to be fabulous. Break a leg!

(I finally had a chance to answer your meme... Thanks again for thinking of me.)