Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PTA and all that goes with it

Almost a year ago, the current PTA president called me at home. Since I had volunteered to help with many of the school functions, she asked if I'd be interested in co-chairing a committee. I was flabbergasted and speechless. I don't ever remember saying yes, but somewhere in the conversation I must have, because now I'm on the Ways and Means and Cultural Arts committees.

First, it's January and I haven't done anything on or for Cultural Arts. I thought I'd get to suggest programming to the teachers to enhance our children's learning experience at school. Well, so far...nada, nothing, zilch. It saddens me because it's like no one wants to rock the boat. Supposedly, the principal is against most *assemblies*. He's an former Marine and I give him a lot of credit for serving his country, but if what I've heard is true, then who's losing out--our children.

On the complete opposite side of the fence is Ways and Means. Since September, we've had 4 fund raisers (and, yes, there's talk of more). All of them have required a great deal of time and attention. Of the four fund raisers, I've helped with 3 of them (had most of the responsibility for only 1, though). Let me tell you, this is exhausting. Ways and Means never ends. I understand we help bring in money to pay for things for the kids, but what is the money spent on? Good question. I've seen the budget and it's legit. But, since the students have virtually no extra curricular in school events, where is the money going? When I figure it out I'll let you know.

I've also decided that the PTA is VERY political. I'm not a politics kind of gal. I speak to everyone and don't care who's in a clique with whom. I joined and became involved for my children.


Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I think adult cliques are worse. There is resentment and sneaky in a way kids cannot pull off. I'm sorry it's not fun for you. I also wonder where the money goes - and I was a teacher.

Suzanne said...

Oh I agree that PTA is political. It's funny, with all the schools we've been in, except for one, the PTA prez was always a "I am the QUEEN of this school" type.

I'd mentioned Market Days to you before. The fundraiser we had in December? It raised $112 over five days. That's it. Meanwhile, Market Days is one day a month and probably could triple that, especially in areas where both parents work.

The sad thing is the lack of the cultural for the kids. I'll bet you ask any adult and they can tell you about at least one assembly that they attended in Elementary school. It's sad that the kids in their school won't have that.

LceeL said...

Whenever I think of PTA, and we have been involved in it over the years, I think of my new poster child for "Queen of the School", "Don't You DARE Disagree With Me Sucka" prototype - Sarah Palin.

Then I retch a little and go about my business, trying to forget the revivified image that just cruised through my mind.

Tara R. said...

PTA always scared me... I don't play well with others and probably would have been very anti-political and ruffled a few feathers. I'd be wondering about the money too. Good luck!